Photo degradable/recyclable dog poop
markers made from Rockstock. 


Yep, i'm sick of the poop. We live three blocks from the beach in Sumner, New Zealand and while walking Charlie our wee griffon ( she stars in the video at the end ) we encountered 30 fresh, brown, small and large dog turds. So something needed to be done. We've tried ourselves and seen attempts with toothpicks and paper but in reality they're just adding to the litter and after a bit of rain the toothpick and paper part ways -  it doesn't really work - so we've developed Poopins.



Let's help make the world a little less crap.

Poopins are smaller then a credit card and fit snugly in your pocket, wallet or purse so you can be ready when it turns to crap on your daily jog, walk or run. They come in packs of 20 with their own custom packaging and we'll ship anywhere in the world



Degradable by the Sun

they turn back to dust

Poopins are made from paper that comes from crushed up rock -  and will eventually turn back to dust from being exposed to sunlight. It was important to us to have a solution that didn't add more litter to the footpaths and streets. 


Environmentally friendly

good for the planet

The best case scenario is that the owner is shamed out and picks up their poop when they see the error of their ways. When scooped up and put into the garbage ( along with the poop ) Poopins will naturally evolve back to a dust like compound -  a bit like the rocks they came from.

poopins group

Waterproof & Strong

rain, snow, sleet - all good

Poopins are tough. You can't rip them or tear them and they'll handle the rain just fine. They are 560gsm thick Rockstone -  a bit like a heavy card and should go in most poops pretty easily. The fresher the better we reckon  -  we can't guarantee those really old white ones that are rock hard and suggest you use those as soccer balls.

poopins solo

Funny & Customisable

20 different messages in each pack

Each poopin has a different message on the front, and the poopin logo and web address on the reverse. There are 20 poopins in each pack containing a random selection of messages. There's also a customisable marker in the set that means if you know who the culprit is -  just write the dogs name in the space and let them know you're not impressed.