Frequently Asked Questions 


We'll have a bit of a detailed list on the Kickstarter page but for now here's a few questions we've been asked . Please contact us with any other queries.



Is this really going to help the problem?

We think so. Most Dog owners take the same route a few times a week and we're pretty sure we all know when we've left something we shouldn't have behind. Poopins act as a simple, friendly reminder that it's not cool and hopefully the next day the bad bad owner will pick it up. In the meantime it acts as a pretty good way of making sure you don't step in it when you're out and about.

What is Rockstone?

Rockstone is made from waste from the building Industry. Offcuts and waste stone rock, marble and tiles are ground to make the paper. Rockstone is photodegradable reverting to a calcium carbonate dust after extended periods in the sun. No trees are cut down to make this paper and the carbon footprint is low. 

Hasn't this been done before?

Not like this. We've seen attempts with  home-made flags with toothpicks and paper -  ( we tried that ourselves a few years back ) and realised all we were doing was adding more litter -  soon the paper would leave the toothpick after some rain or heavy wind and you'd be left with a scattered mess. We wanted a more permanent and fun solution that was better for the environment


If you get funded by Kickstarter
what next?

Kickstarter will hopefully give us the funds to do our first proper production run. It will pay for the research, design, packaging, printing and production of the initial batch. After that we're aiming to spread the word and get Poopins into stores globally to help make the world a little less sh$!t!

I own a pet store -  can i buy some?

Sure. Please buy heaps! For now your best option is to help us reach our goal on Kickstarter so we can get off the ground but please get in touch via email if your interested in becoming a stockist.

Email as at

Who's the cute dog in the Video?

That's my dog Charlie. She's the best.


Are the Poopins in the video
the real thing?

Nope. They are prototypes cut our roughly from the actual stock. The way it works is we're going for the kickstarter funds that will helps us manufacture and create our first run. We know they work, we've done extensive testing with the product and got our fingers -  literally very dirty.

How many are there in a pack?

You'll get 20 in a pack -  they'll be picked randomly from the pool of messages and come in a nifty wee unit made of recycled card and a reusable plastic sleeve.

How thick are the Poopins?

They are printed on the heaviest weight Rockstone board available at 560gsm. It's like a heavyweight packaging card feel with a slightly glossy finish and a sharp point to make insertion finger free and easy. We looked at options of even heavier stock made from corn starch but the set up costs made it unviable. After loads of testing we've found that poopins will go into most poops just fine while still being slim enough to carry in your pocket or wallet. Some week old white rock hard ones may prove to be more difficult.